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Cube Sugar Machines

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General Definition :

    Full Automatic HPK-400 R type cube sugar pressing and packaging machines are self controlling and products of  high  technology. They are able to mix the granulated sugar with certain amount of water them in cubic form on to a stainless belt which goes through drying tunnels and then meets the box belts which carries boxes to be filled with three layers  and cover them automatically.

Working Instruction :

    Sugar is poured to the feeding hall (1) through a vibrate sieve (2). Then carried up by a feeding spiraled pipe (3) in to the automatic level controlled storage (4). Sugar is mixed in the mixer (5) with water which is supplied by the dosing pomp (6) then transferred to the collector (7). Lightly wet sugar carried by the synchronous loading box (8). 270 mold pins (10) which are located on the cylinder (9) and passing over the weight regulator cam (11), are compressed by the pressing cam (12) on the pressing arm (13) in order to give a cubic form to the wet sugar. The pins leave the cubic sugar on the steel belt (15) while passing over the pouring cam (14). Formed sugar is automates and filled in three layers in each boxes. The heads of the mold pins are cleaned by a hair brush (16).


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Pressing Head HPK 400 R:

    Sugar coming from the feeding hall, goes to the mixer through the dose section and mixed a certain amount of water which is supplied by the dosing pomp. The mixture of water + sugar is pushed to the molds from the loading section called loader-mixer. Sugar goes in to the revolving cylinder mold which pass over the weight regulator and then compressed cam is poured from beneath of the cylinder in cubic forms on the belt in lines. Then the heads of the mold pins are cleaned by a hair brush.

Drying Conveyor :

    The cubic sugars which are poured on the drying belt in lines are dried by the heat while going through the 20 meters long drying tunnels. The very special heat transferring system which was improved and practiced supplies less consumption of electricity.

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Boxing Machine AKM-2V:

   The printed and cut cardboard's are vacuumed in the store section of the box machine and glued in the mold, are left to the belt in order to be taken to the filling automate. The daily capacity of the box production machine is 40.000 unit.

Filling Automate AFM-15 :

      The cubic sugars coming out of the drying owens are carried by belt up to the filling point. At the same time the boxes coming from the box machine are transferred to the filling point by the rotating tray. The cubic sugars are put into the boxes in blocks as three layers by the vacuumed filling head then sent to the cover line.

Covering AKAM-1 :

    The boxes which are filled with the cubic sugar by the filling automate are covered glue pressed and platted at the covering machine.

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Technical Specifications
Type  HPK-400R HPK-400 RK-I HPK-400RK-II HPK-400 R MANUAL
Capacity  12.500 kg/day 18.000 kg/day 22.000 kg/day 12.500 kg/day
Cubic sugar dimensions  11 x 16.5 x 14 mm 18 x 18 x 18 mm 31 x 18 x 18 11 x 16.5 x 14
Molds in total  270 unit 176 unit 176 unit 270 unit
Head rotation  12.5 rt 12.5 rt 12.5 rt 12.5 rt
Dosing pomp  0-16 lt./hour 0-32 lt./hour 0-32 lt/hour 0-16 lt/hour
Drying owen length  28 m 40 m 50 m 28 m
Main motor  4 kW 380 V 5.5 kW 380 V 5.5 kW 380 V. 4 kW 380 V.
Filling machine  automatic AFM-15 --- --- ---
Boxing machine  automatic AKM-2V --- --- ---
Covering machine  automatic AKAM-1 --- --- ---
Bagging  --- 25 kg & 50 kg 25 and 50 kg ---
Electric installation  70 kW 80 kW 100 kW 65 kW

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