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Olive Oil Production Line

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       The production line is a completely continue system. Malaxing unit consists 4 depots (each has 1 ton dough capacity), 2 mixing spiral and panel that control each depot by electric motor and reducer. Olive washing unit washes the olives with pressured water, separates the sands and stones by vibration system. Hot water boiler has 2 ton capacity, use the pulp as fuel and feed with screw conveyor automatically. V-band moves the olives from bunker depot to washing silo, meanwhile it cleans the leaves and light parts. Separator provides to get productive, pure and clear oil by cleaning the sediments with its centrifugal pump.


  • The capacity of each batch are 30-40 ton and 45-65 ton
  • The processing time for each batch are 2 ton/h and 2.5 ton/h
  • The durability of the line for 24-hour working for 3-4 months in a year is approx. 20 years.
  • Electrical control panel is Siemens, all mechanical parts are under our guarantee for one year.
  • Installed power is 85 Hp (62.5 kW), electric consumption is 47 kW/h and water consumption is 800 lt/h.
  • Requested personnel are 1 operator and 3 unskilled worker.
  • Operator should be experienced and must prepare the dough at right consistency.
  • Needed close area for line is 250 m˛ and open area for storage of olive is 3000 m˛.
  • Our plant is suitable for batch processing also for small lots.
  • Electronic control of temperatures, unmatchable reliability
  • All parts of plant in contact with the pulp are made of 304 quality stainless steel
  • Designed for long working periods with reduced maintenance
  • Extremely easy to run
  • With completed and ready to servis spare parts.

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