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Cutter Grinding Machines

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Cutter grinding Machine Model TB-81 and Applications

TB-81 Cutter Grinding Machine can be used for a number at applications in your work. Such as engraving the work, die sinking jobs on copy milling machines and all cutting operations requiring a high degree of surface finish on complicated work pieces. This machine is used for grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter as well as single. Lip or Multiple~lip cutters of various shapes such as radiuses cutters or negative taper angle of cutters. The Universal Index Head is provided at 24 positions, so that any particular angle or shape can be obtained, tree 360 and 180 rotation is allowed. Also with extension attachments, Twist-drills and prismatic cutters can be grinded easily.

Technical Data

Motor Power and speed  0.37 kW  2800 rpm
Cutting speed  40 m/sec
Collect capacity  4-5-6-8-10-12-14-16 mm
Negative angle capacity  30 ║
Weight of machine  50 kg

Special Attachments

Twist-drill Grinding Attachment ě 3-18 mm
Prismatic Cutter Grinding Attachment
We can produce special attachments and square collects for your special cutter.


Universal Tool Grinder Machines

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Model TB-86

  1. Hand wheel for vertical movement of wheel head
  2. Belt cover
  3. Column
  4. Wheel Guard
  5. Dust Cover
  6. Control panel
  7. Table longitudinal feed lever
  8. Table cross feed hand wheel (1 graduation 0.01 mm, 1 revolution 2 mm)
  9. Positioning stopper
  10. . Work head positioning knock pin
  11. . Universal work head
  12. . Wheel Spindle
  13. . Coolant System

Standard Attachments

  • Universal work head
  • Tailstock
  • Stand of Tooth Guide
  • Tooth Guide for Face mill Holder
  • Tooth Guide for special End Mill
Technical Data
Motor power  0.5-0.6 kW
Motor speed (pole changing)   1400-2800 rpm
Cutting speed 30-60 m/sec
Wheel Diameter  160 mm
Dimensions of table  160x700 mm
Longitudinal transverse of table 260 mm
Table swivel range  5║ to both side
Swivel of wheelhead  90║ to both side
Vertical transverse of wheel   320 mm
High of tail stocks  110 mm
Weight of machine  300 kg

Special Attachments

  • Twist-drill Grinding Attachment ě 2-24 mm
  • Tool Bit Attachment
  • Universal Work head
  • Radius Grinding Attachment
  • Coolant System
  • Special attachments for your special cutters.

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