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Automatic Aerosol Filling and Crimping Machine

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TOD-1600 Full aotomatic Aerosol Filling Machine

It consists 3 units. The first unit puts the cans in the conveyor.
The secondunit fills the liquid and crimps valve with the double cylinder by the help of the rotery table and puts in the conveyor.
In the third unit, after the gas has been filled with the 4 gas cylinder, it turns back with the conveyor and the operation is completed.
The machine would not work unless the conveyor working. The liquid wont be filled if there are no cans and the gas wont be filled if there are no valves.
All these operation are made with the same control system.
The machine is 7 m length.

Air pressure 8 kg/cm3
Max production 60 pcs/min
MAx filling capacity 1600 cm3/propellant
Max filling capacity 600 cm3 Liquid
Tarcet power 0.5 Hp x 2 - 380 V
Air requirements 2800 lt/min
Depth 90 cm
Width 700 cm
Height 165 cm
Weight 650 kg

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OD-800 Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

The aerosol cans feeding from the conveyor are taken by them rotary table.
After having the liquid filled, crimped and the gas filled by double gas cylinder, it ends the operation by turning back with the conveyor.
It makes all these operations with the same control system. It dosn't fill the gas without having the crimp in the can.
It is an esay to use  machine.

Air pressure 8 kg/cm3
Max production 40 pcs/min
Max filling capacity 800 cm3 Propellant
Max filling capacity 300 cm3 Liquid
Tarcet power 0.5 Hp - 380 V
Air requirements 1400 lt/min
Depth 90 cm
Width 350 cm
Height 160 cm
Weight 330 kg

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LD-300 VolumetricProduct Filling Machine YD-400 Semi Automatic Aerosol Crimper and Gasser Machine GP-25 Pneumatic Pump for Propellants
This unit handles liquids any viscosity.
The machine is suitable for high accuracy dosage.
It is equipped with two interchangeable cylinders of different capacity.
It can be operated automatically or semi automatically by hand control.
Easy operation and maintenance.
Air pressure 4-6 kg/cm3
Max production 1500 pcs/min
Max capacity of dosing cylinders 30 - 300 cm3
Air requiremets 200 lt/min
Depth 40 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 60 cm
Weight 40 kg
This unit allows one single operator to crimp the valve and fill the propellant at high speed to gather at the same time.

Air pressure 8 kg/cm3
Max production 25 pcs/min
Max filling capacity 400 cm3 propellant
Air requirements  400 lt/min
Depth 50 cm
Width 35 cm
Height 130 cm
Weight 65 kg
Thsi unit is a pneumatically operated.
It starts automatically when filled with propellant.

Air pressure 6 kg/cm3
Max capacity 25 lt/min
Air requirement 40 lt/min
Depth 30 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 65 cm
Weight 20 kg
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YK-25 Semi Automatic Crimping Machine for Can CD-250 Co2 Filling Machine
It crimps all kinds of aerosol cans.
It operated by air pressure and controlled by foot valve.

Air pressure 8 kg/cm3
Air requirements 30 lt/min
Max production 25 pcs/min
Depth 45 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 70 cm
Weight 25 kg
We produced this machine by our years of experience on aerosol filling and also thinking of some constriction properties.
The small rigid between the dosage cylinder has a big filling sensibility (almost 0,2 gr) and the filling head exsits because of the dead volume and the needed heat setting system.
This system provied almost all aerosol products usage.
the pressurised filling unite is used and controlled pneumatically.
The production is made in big amounts with added units quickly.
Air pressure 8 kg/cm3
Connecting Co2 pressure 50-60 kg/cm3
Max filling capacity 60-250 cm3
0,6-1,6 gr Co2
Max production 8 gr Co2 aprox. 50 pcs/min
Air requirements 1000 lt/min
Depth 45 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 120 cm
Weight 35 kg

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