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Fully Automatic Paper Bag Filling Machines

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Model RDK-2000 Fully Automatic Paper Bag Filling Machine

    Fully Automatic Paper bag filling machine is a machine of high-technology production manufactured for the purposes of packing of products such as flour, tea, sugar etc.. Bags placed on the magazine are taken automatically for the opening of their pieces. After they are inspected by very sensitive photocells filling process is maintained and then they are placed on a vibration plate for the settlement of the product. Afterwards the part of a bag is cut and folded and final sealing is done by the application of glue. Following the dating process if required they are forwarded to the automatic shrinking department. All the operation of the machine are controlled by a PLC.

Teachnical Specifications
Capacity 25-45 bags/min
Max. Bag dimensions 130 x 80 x 330 mm
Min. Bag dimensions 80 x 50 x 220 mm
Power connection 3 x 380 V-50 Hz
Power consumption 6 kW
Pressed air 6 Bar - 350 Nl/min

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Volumetric Filling Machines with leg wheeled (optional)

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