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Plastic PP Brush Production Line

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Model E-60/25 D PP

Technical Specifications :

  • Extrusion Material    : PP, PE
  • Tube Diameter          : Min. 1 mm - Max. 5 mm
  • Linear Speed of Line  : Max. 200 m-min
  • Axle Height               : 1000 mm
  • Line Length                : 7 m
The Line consists of :
  1. E-60/25 D Extruder
    Screw diameter Ř 60 mm
    Screw length L/D 25
    Screw speed Max. 100 rpm
    Max. pressure 750 bar
    Heating capacity 7.65 kW
    Motor power 37.5 kW DC (with frequency converter)
    Feeding Hopper 100 lt. (stainless steel)
    Output (for PP) max. 60 kg/hour
    Axle Height 1000 mm
  2. Brush Wire Head
    Heating zones 1 head
  3. Cooling Trough
    Material stainless steel
    Water circulation pump 0.37 kW
  4. 1st Disc Haul-off
    material stainless steel
    Disc haul-off 5 unit
    Disc haul-off diameter 170 mm
    Haul-off motor 0.37 kW + reducer
  1. Hot water canal
    Material stainless sheet metal
    Length 2 m
    Heating power 10 kW
  2. 2nd Disc Haul-off and Corrugator
    Material stainless steel
    Disc haul-off 5 unit
    Disc haul-off diameter 170 mm
    Haul-off motor 1.5 kW + reducer
  3. Double Head Coil
    Motor 0.37 kW + reducer
    Coil arm length max. 500 mm
  4. Electrical Control Panel
    Screw speed indicator
    PID Heat Controllers
    Digital counter
    Main switch (for power)

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