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Plastic Pipe Fittings Welding Machines

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In parallel with the developing technology in the world our welding machine renewing itself and is still a pioneer.

  • Manufacture by meticolous workmanship and offered to sale after passing quality control tesis.

  • In consideration of many problems of the welders, we emphasized on lightness practibility and usage.

  • Spare parts of any kinds ara available.

Post sales technical servisce
Light with its plastical body and safe with resistance which may be placed any place easily.

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Contents of the set :
1. Carriage case
2. Fusion welding machine
3. Mobile feet
4. Screwed and clamped stand
5. Cutting scissor (imorted)
6. Connection screws (3 pcs)
7. Heating cap (20, 25, 32, 40 mm)
8. Heating cup removal spanner
9. M4 L spanner (2 pcs)
10. Steel ribbon meter (2 m)
11. Battery connection adjustment   and fitting scale

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