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Ironing Press Machines

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Model UPP 2                                Model   UPP-2D4

Electro-Pneumatic Pressing Machine

    Under the auspices of electro-pneumatic program, machine does the pressing itself, automatically. Operator only settles and gets it out. One person can operate on two machines at the same time. When the first machine starts pressing operator settle down clothing on the second one and will just push a button to start pressing. During this time, previous machine will complete its pressing program and will be ready for settling a new cloth. Thus, manpower, working-time and production cost are saved. Operator mistakes are prevented, high quality pressing is achieved.

Technical Specifications
Steam Pressure  3-4 bar
Steam inlet  1/2"
Condense outlet  1/2"
Vacuum connection  2"
Air pressure  6 bar
Air inlet  1/2"
Electrical inception  220/380 V

Universal Fallback Ironing Press Pneumatic Program

    The pressing machine UPP-2D4, covering four features, does the pressing itself automatically by programming the steaming, vacuuming and close down time. All controls may also be done manually. For instance; bottom steam and bottom vacuum can be activated by pushing the treadle. Top steaming and head opening may also be controlled manually by hand button. Besides pressing the garments, the buck may also be used as a hand ironing board for the finishing. There is no need a separate hand iron or a board because of the space provided by the falling down of the head to back of the machine. Thus the best quality pressing is achieved. All spots can be removed easily by means of a pistol giving warm air on the cloth laid over the spot removing apparatus, attached to the pressing machine. Thus manpower and working time are saved. Small sized companies, hotel laundries and dry cleaning factories prefer this type of press, because of the small place it requires and the complete ironing set it forms. The pressing machine is practically operated by MEK20KW type steam generator and PV-1 type vacuum engine in case of non existent central system.

Other Models

UPP-1 Utility medium size
UPP-2 Utility long-size
UPP-18 Trouser single-leg
UPP-19 Trouser double-leg
UPP-3 , UPP-3A UPP-3B Trouser Top
UPP-25X Utility short-size
UPP-9 Collar
UPP-8 Shoulder
UPP-15 Armhole creasing Dropping and setting
MTYP-2P Stiffening
UPP-10 Forepart off pressing right
UPP-11 Forepart pressing left
UPP-16 Back and side part off pressing right
UPP-17 Back and side part off pressing left
UPP-28 Hindarm and forearm sleeve
KMKP-202P Edge press (left and right)
MTRU-2P Knitwear steaming
UPP-29 Combined seam opening
MPP-1 Ladies skirt


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Model UP-21                                          Model UP-106 D

Ironing Board for Living UP21

  • An ideal type of ironing board for the finishing of jacket, coat, overcoat linings.
  • Due to strong vacuuming very quick ironing is achieved.
  • Using the water pistol for humidifying the lining is an easy way of ironing when the process is mode with an iron without steam and electricity. It is also possible to iron the lining by a steam iron, without destroying the fabric.
  • This type can be produced in various sizes up to the request, shoulder apparatus may be added and electric heater with a thermostat or a steam may also be attached.

Retouching Ironing Board UP-106 D

  • It is an ideal retouching iron for the ironing of wrinkles left on the fabrics of the clothes like jackets, during the finishing process.
  • When the lapes, shoulder heads an arms are ironed by a hand iron and blowing there will be no shining and no stain will be left on the lining because of the steam.
  • Quick ironing is achieved due to the strong vacuuming. Thus when the clothes are hung there will not be any deformation.
  • Electric heater with a thermostat or steam heater may be used optionally.


Model UP-106 D UP-21
Electricity 380 V 380 V
Motor Power 0.37 kW 0.37 kW
heating Power 0.6 kW 1.5 kW
Capacity -- 30 Jackets
Machine Size 117x80x115 cm 117x80x115 cm
Size when packed 130x90x115 cm 130x90x115 cm
Machine Weight 65 kg 70 kg
Weight Including Package 105 kg 130 kg


   Standard Apparatus
  • APR-1 Sleeve Buck
  • APR-3 Sleeve Buck
  • APR-5 Sleeve Buck
  • APR-7 Utility Style Buck for count
  • APR-9 Double Shoulder Seam Buck
  • APR-10 APR-11 Spor Edge Buck Blazer
  • APR-12 Kruvaze Edge Buck Small
  • APR-14 Utility Style Trousers Leg Buck
  • APR-16 Costume Buck Large
  • APR-2 Shoulder Seam Buck
  • APR-4 Utility Style Buck
  • APR-6 Combined (edge Buck Small)
  • APR-8 Finishing Buck
  • APR-9A Shoulder Seam Buck
  • APR-13 Utility Style Trousers Leg Buck
  • APR-15 Jacket Lining Buck
  • APR-17 Costume Buck Medium
  • APR-18 Hindarm and Forearm Sleeve


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Model MTRU-2P                                          Model MTRU-1

Tricot Ironing Machine With a Cover Pneumatic Central System MTRU-2P

  • Used especially for ironing wool pull-overs.
  • Since the below and above covers are heated completely by a steam, the wool pull-overs become stiff.
  • Due to the electro pneumatic system pressure steam, vacuum, staying closed time may all be regulated by buttons.
  • Energy saving is achieved since it is not heated by electricity. The defect risqué are at minimum level.
  • Works with central steam, vacuum, air and 220 Volt electricity.
  • Can be produced in various sizes up to request.

Tricot Ironing Machine Independent System MTRU-1

  • Used on iron all types of cotton and woll knitted goods.
  • The machine produces steam itself by the automatic steam boiler included.
  • The same amount of steam is given out on any part of the surface due to the special system used.
  • Vacuum motor set in inside the machine provides a quick ironing by completing the cooling schock in a short time.
  • It can be used as a hand ironing table with a hand iron added optionally.

Tricot Ironing Machine Central System MTRU-3

  • Works with central steam and vacuum.
  • Works for years without defects up to the lack of electricity connection.
  • Can be produced in various sizes up to request.
  • Can be used as an ironing table by a hand iron addition.



Electricity  380V 220 V --
Resistance  12 kW -- --
Feeding Pump  0.75 kW -- --
Vacuum Motor  0.37 kW Central System Central System
Steam Pressure  4 bar 4 bar 4 bar
Air pressure  -- 6 bar --
Steam inlet and outlet  1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
Vacuum Outlet  150 mm 2" 2"
Steam Consumption  25 kg/h 50 kg/h 30 kg/h
Air Consumption  -- 90 kg/h --
Capacity   50 unit/h 40 unit/h 50 unit/h
Machine size  185x106x100 cm 180x185x130 cm 185x106x100 cm
Size of Package  195x116x120 cm 190x200x150 cm 195x116x120 cm
Machine Weight  160 kg 800 kg 300 kg
Weight Including Package  220 kg 950 kg 400 kg

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